Important thing to learn on the guitar when you are a singer songwriter Part 1

So we got a lot of enquiries from people who are singer songwriters, often because they’re very frustrated with having to rely on a guitarist, every time they go to perform or do a gig. 

The other reason that they get frustrated with them is because they have to rely on them for songwriting as well. 

They’re struggling to communicate with other musicians because their main focus is singing but they don’t understand either musical components.

Which instrument to learn to play as a singer songwriter?  

Guitar is a popular choice of instrument for them to learn because it’s very easy to get going with it, and it’s one of the easier instruments to play and sing at the same time. 

Other instruments that they often consider would be something like a piano. 

So what are the sort of things you need to think about when you’re learning the guitar to singer songwriter? 

Learning to communicate with other musicians

I would say the biggest thing for singer songwriters to do, is to learn how to communicate with other musicians. With the guitar. If you’re using it as a tool to help you song right and help you perform. It’s likely that you’ll be playing with other musicians at some point. So learning how to communicate with them is going to be essential for you. 

Try as much as you can to get opportunities to play for other guitarists other musicians, get more experience with interacting and using music as a language. So you can communicate with them better. 

Follow us onto Part 2 to find out what other things is important to learn to play as a singer songwriter….

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