Tips and tricks to help you get started as a beginner guitarist Part 2

If you haven’t read part 1 of this guide, then I would recommend checking that out first. Getting started as a beginner guitarist Part 1

Or you can just carry on reading this and hope it has some helpful tips to get started with learning the guitar!

3.) Have a nice environment to practice in

Learning to play the guitar is great. But I see so many people who try and learn but they don’t have the environment for them to learn. One examples is a parent who is trying to learn when they’ve got kids running around them. Or maybe you live in a house of housemates and you feel that you have to play quietly as not to stop them. This can actually hinder your progress a lot.

A lot of people don’t realise this and think that they’ll be able to get round it but having the right environment is so vital to your learning. I recommend setting up a space where you can go to it daily and fill a piece where you’re not distracted by the washing up or Other chores that you have to do around the house. Have a music stand ready have your music ready have your materials. Have you got Hall out on a stand so you don’t even have to get out of the case and it’s all ready for you. 

4.) Have supportive friends & family 

So many people give up playing the guitar because their friends and family put doubt in their heads. 

They say “why aren’t you getting better already “”I know my friend learn to play guitar in six months only””Why can’t you play my favourite song already?” 

The truth is learning the guitar takes different amount of time for different people there are lots of reasons for this. It could be that your brain is just why differently. Or that your dexterity needs working on.

For some people, it might be that you don’t have the musical ear like some other people do. It might mean that you haven’t been humming or singing for the best part of 30 years of your life where as other people have.

There are so many reasons that learning the guitar takes different amount of time and a lot of people put I’m realistic pressures on them self. Now on top of that you don’t really need your family or friends to be putting additional pressure and asking you questions that they don’t really know anything about. This happens all the time and it gives you a lot of worry when really you should just be enjoying the experience and a journey of learning rather than trying to get to goal 

I hope these few tips and tricks were Hope you and learning the guitar is a adult beginner guitarist and I have full faith that you’ll be able to learn guitar.…

Tips and tricks to help you get started as a beginner guitarist Part 1

When you first starting to learn to play the guitar it can seem like an overwhelming challenge. Think back to when you first started school and you had to learn the alphabet, maybe you can’t like me. Learning music can seem like a whole new experience.

That’s because it is actually a different language that we are trying to learn. Guitar is just one way of learning how to express music by an instrument. If you already have experience playing other instruments it will make this challenge seem a little easier. However if this is your first instrument you can still tackle it as a adult who have no previous experience with learning music. You just need a few tips and tricks to help you get started.

1.) get a great guitar teacher

Learning to play the guitar is hard enough but having a really great guitar teacher who can support you through this journey will make it a lot easier. I say complete beginner who have no experience in music before, your ears when you are playing the guitar can deceive you.

Even the most basic things like whether your guitarist in tune or not. And how to tune a guitar in the first place can hold you back from advancing in your musical journey.

This is something that a guitar teacher can help you with and with all the new challenges that will come your way. This will make the challenges fun for you and make it a lot easier for you to overcome. 

They can also help guide you to know what you should be learning and help you tackle new challenges in the right order to you to enjoy learning the guitar even more.

2.) Choosing the right guitar

So many people pick up a cheap guitar or an inherited a guitar and try and learn the guitar this way. It’s okay it is doable. But most of the time these guitars are very hard to play and actually will end up hurting your fingers even more and maybe make you give up guitar altogether.

Like anything a good instrument will help you get a lot further in your musical quest make it a lot more enjoyable.

Choosing the right guitar whether it’s an electric on acoustic guitar that you look forward to playing will make you more motivated to practice every week. It also helps you take ownership of this new Challenge when it’s a guitar that you’ve bought new film or committed to this new journey.

Go check out part 2 of tips and tricks to get started as a beginner guitar player to find more tips and tricks on how to help you get started an adult beginner trying to learn the guitar! And follow our blog to find out more helpful information that will mean you can have fun and enjoy learning the guitar.