Getting inspired to play guitar again

Where it all started

I played guitar when I was a teenager… about 12-17… guess I gave it up when I had to really study for my O levels… 

And I was pretty good! I had lessons, my parents were supportive. I even had a band with a few friends casually playing at the weekend in my parents garage.

I always knew it was something I wanted to come back to. Just didn’t know when…

Maybe I thought there would be a magical moment when my career would be “sorted”… 

Or when doing outdoorsy things didn’t have the same appeal… 

Little did I know that it was in amongst my sleep deprived moment of having a child, that would come to inspire me to start playing guitar again.

I’m a lucky man

I would preface by saying that… I am a lucky man… who have a wonderful wife. Which means that I am able to enjoy some spare time where she has little. 

Seeing the joy in his face and the big smiles as I was playing guitar to him really gave me the motivation to carry on. 

And with my spare time, I’ve been playing a few tunes to my baby boy. 

Getting started with playing the guitar for my son

Started off with a few simple chords… then it was learning a few nursery rhythms. 

Seeing the joy in his face and the big smiles as I was playing guitar to him really gave me the motivation to carry on. 

And the excitement of discovery and learning music came back to me. 

So I went to find guitar lessons so I could get better. 

I had the picture in my head of teaching and playing guitar & singing with my son. 

I guess that picture is what’s got me wanting to carry on playing the guitar.

And I don’t regret coming back to it at all. 

The best time to start learning guitar is 20 years ago but if this is you reading this now. Then the best time to start is now. 

Top Reasons Why You Should Consider A Physical Guitar Lessons Over Online Lessons

When learning guitar, you have the option of choosing a physical or online tutor. Depending on a number of reasons, you could choose either of the options. One thing that is becoming popular is online learning. Thanks to the internet, that has made things simple and easy. 

Both ways have their benefits and downsides. Like for instance, online classes give the convenience of learning that can’t be compared with physical training. However, the benefits of having a trainer you can talk to as you train are something else. 

This article shares with you the top reasons why you should consider physical guitar lessons over online lessons. 

  • You Get To Interact With Your Trainer 

As a beginner in guitar, the first thing that you need to consider is having an interaction with your trainer. Physical interaction will give you a sense of learning that you can’t get from online lessons. 

And if the trainer has other students, then you get to interact with them. You network with other learners whom you can practice together or challenge each other to grow together in learning the skills. 

This is something that’s rare to find with most online platforms. This is because most of the online lessons have pre-recorded videos. There are no learner-tutor interactions. 

  • Customized Training 

When learning with a physical trainer, you get the rare opportunity to get a customized lesson. Depending on the level of your learning or understanding of the guitar, you’ll get specific lessons that apply to you. 

For instance, if you’re in advanced level and missed some critical lessons in the beginner, the tutor can notice it. And as you train at your level, they’ll include lessons that they feel are important to your situation. In the end, you’ll have the best lesson that serves your specific needs. 

Online lessons are standard. You can’t get customized training. This can be to your disadvantage if the trainer overlooks some of the basic lessons that seem obvious to everyone, but you’re struggling with them. 

  • You Get Real-Time Assessments 

One critical area in learning is assessment. You need to check what you’re doing time over time and measure your learning progress. Assessment is personal. And that’s what a physical trainer will do for you. The trainer is there with you through your learning journey. 

As you make mistakes, they can notice them in real-time and correct them. This is unlike online classes where there is no one monitoring or following your learning progress. 

  • You Can Ask Questions and Get Immediate Response 

Part of learning is asking questions. And there is nothing good than getting immediate feedback for your questions. And that’s why physical trainers are better. Because they are there to answer questions as they arise. 

Parting Shot 

When learning guitar, you have an option to choose an online or physical tutor. If you can afford and have time, then a physical trainer will give you more value.